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    The Center runs on volunteers and entrepreneurs contributing to the disciple of Integrated Project Management. No one Company, University, Professional Organization, Person, or Nation owns Integrated Project Management. Together we make it available for everyone, regardless of past training, age, or application. Jump right in, and your contribution will make the World a better place.

Here is a list of work we currently need.

  • R&D Scientists interested in publishing academic papers about current studies in Integrated Project Management
  • Columnists will to write articles illustrating how to apply Integrated Project Management practices in personal life, small teams, and enterprises.
  • Workgroup Participants to identify study topic areas and participation open research projects in Integrated Project Management.
  • Wiki contributors interested in adding information pages in the Project Management Essentials course
  • Glossary contributors interested in adding Integrated Project Management terms to our Project Management Essentials course

We are always open to suggestions; let us know how you might be able to help.

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