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Project Based Learning: Building Project People for a More Efficient Future

Writen by: Published: May 24, 2017 Category: Project Management Hits: 912

PBL: Building Project People for a More Efficient Future

It is not a secret that as a society we have dramatically outpaced our ancestors with innovative technology that has increased our standard of living and life expectancy all over the world, yet habitual inefficiency is literally part of our daily lives.

Time Estimation

Writen by: Published: May 16, 2017 Category: Performance Management Hits: 479

   I want to say right at the beginning of this Wiki post, the concepts come from a great book by Julie Morgenstern, “Time Management from the Inside Out. The Foolproof System for Taking Control of your Schedule-and your Life.” published by Holt, 2004, second edition.

Public Access to R&D Projects

Writen by: Published: May 11, 2017 Category: R&D Journal Hits: 441

   I’m talking about access to the things produced by R&D projects; Services, Products, and Information. At pmNERDS we are sponsoring the R&D Journal on Integrated PM, but most folks aren’t aware of this yet.

Delphi Estimates

Writen by: Published: May 05, 2017 Category: Applied PM Hits: 588

   Clara’s footsteps crunched in the thin layer of snow that laid across the campus parking lot, the only sound in the early morning’s hushed air. The snow fell slowly and thick, limiting her vision and clinging to her face and clothes. Sunrise had come an hour ago, but could not be seen along the horizon.

Continuous Performance Improvement (CPI)

Writen by: Published: March 16, 2017 Category: Performance Management Hits: 1127

   Speaking with other colleagues about their experience with their new PM software deployments, they all agree that most business units deploy PM software in hopes of improving project performance. They find that most software deployments don’t address continuous incremental performance improvements, which means any new processes being supported must be deployed at once. 

Moving To The Cloud

Writen by: Published: December 29, 2016 Category: Technology Hits: 636

   So, you have decided you want to move your IT infrastructure to the Cloud. For the purpose of this conversation, we are going to assume that you ran all the numbers and moving to the Cloud makes good business sense.

A Christmas Dance

Writen by: Published: December 19, 2016 Category: Misadventures of Blake Hits: 784

  It's odd that a Winter Dance always brings back so many warm memories. Blake easily remembers his first Winter Dance, the fine friendships, the decorations, the refreshments, and prizes. His school had arranged for a big barn to be converted into a dance floor.

Project Ranking

Writen by: Published: November 12, 2016 Category: Growing with Projects Hits: 1578

   Why should we spend the time to rank projects? You shouldn’t unless you face a constraint. Constraints make it so we have to choose out of all the things we could do, what things should we do right now, given our constraints in time, money, or quality.

Demands for Blended Learning

Writen by: Published: October 31, 2016 Category: Blended Learning Hits: 989

   Experienced PMs are rare and costly. To scale and be competitive, new methods of training are required. Executive leadership tell us that to be really good in today’s Integrated PM jobs, PMs need at least 10 years of practice.


Writen by: Published: October 31, 2016 Category: Misadventures of Blake Hits: 940

   There’s a certain amount of comfort to be gained when reflecting upon your own career roadmap. It generates a sense of control, even when you’re being pushed past each milestone along the way.